The TS range of Voltage Stabilisers® was originally designed and manufactured by Claude Lyons, however, in 2016, the Allendale Group proudly acquired Claude Lyons and we continue to supply TS Voltage Stabilisers® to a range of industries. The TS range are often specified for communications and medical electronics applications and are available in single or three-phase configurations, spanning ratings from 1kVA – 1525kVA.. They can be tailored to meet customer specifications and manufactured to incorporate a range of optional extras designed to suit most applications.

The current generation of TS Voltage Stabilisers® utilises our latest type 100 digital servo controls, combined with our improved buck/boost transformer design to provide reliable and efficient voltage regulation to ±0.5% of the output voltage setting. Available in single and three-phase models with ratings spanning 1kVA to 1525kVA and voltage correction ranges of ±6.25% to ±25%.

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