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MDC700 DRO Install on a Bridgeport Machine

A Bridgeport J Type Belt Drive milling machine fitted with our 2 axis MDC700 DRO and glass scale encoders.

With an easy-to-read filtered LED display with adjustable brightness. Offers functions including lines of holes, 200 SDM zero memory, arc contouring and incline milling, making it an ideal upgrade of existing DRO equipment.

Part no.


For more information please view our website listing here or contact one of our product specialists.

Reinforced metal corners to keep your valuables safe

Keep your valuables safe with reinforced metal corners on our ROC Flight Cases.

The feature offers extra protection against damage to your flight case and contents.

Ideal for items such as electrical goods or tools that may suffer from shock damage when transported.

Available on selected ROC Flight Cases.

For more information please see our website listings here or contact one of our product specialists.

DRO kits for Harlow College

An M-DRO Digital Readout Kit installed on a Colchester Student 2500 manual lathe at Harlow college.

We supplied various DRO kits for different machines, for the students to use in their engineering learning department.

Injury recovery kits with ROC cases

Our popular A009 Case has been turned into an injury recovery kit with the addition of a CNC foam insert.

The Silver case gives a professional look to this kit, the precise cut-outs providing a neat layout.

For more infortmation please view our website listing here or contact one of our product specialists.

Magnetic Encoder Install on a Elliot Omnimill

A 4 axis magnetic encoder install on a Elliott Omnimill a small turret milling machine.

The quill and Knee travels can be summed together, to give a constant and accurate reading of spindle to workpiece distance.

For more information please see our magnetic encoders here or contact one of our product specialists.

Football awards trophy stored using CNC foam

CNC foam designed and cut for a football awards trophy.

The accurate cut-outs create a professional and attractive look for the prized possession, whilst ensuring the contents are safe from any damage.

The trophy and wooden base can be stored neatly side by side in this protective, high density foam.

For more information please click here or contact one of our product specialists.