Our Team
If you would like to join our growing team, then please email your CV to jobs@allendale-group.co.uk
Alan Ward
Managing Director
    Tony Ward
    Engineering Director
      Scott Brown
      IT & Website Director
        Martin Ward
        Product Director
          David Gandolfo
          Finance Director
            David Turner
            Technical Manager
              Jun Shan
              Managing Director Asia
                Jo Shepherd
                Operations Manager
                  Dawn Kemp
                  HR Manager
                    Steve Colthorpe
                    R&D Manager
                      David Ingham
                      Purchasing Manager
                        Betty Gao
                        Accounting Admin
                          David Wild
                          Warehouse Manager
                            Robin Barnard
                            IT Support
                              Jasper Joyce
                              Graphics Creator
                                Beth Critchley
                                Sales Administrator
                                  Sarah Fry
                                  Office Administrator
                                    Paul Hughes
                                    Warehouse Supervisor
                                      Joanne Murphy
                                      Content Creator
                                        Louie Martin
                                        Warehouse Operator
                                          Hayley Adams
                                          Assembly Operator
                                            Emma O'Flaherty
                                            Apprentice Business Admin
                                              Ken Lee
                                              General Manager
                                                Qing Ye
                                                Head of Accounting
                                                  Ming Dai
                                                  Sales Manager
                                                    Brenda Zhu
                                                    International Trading Co-ordinator
                                                      Guohua Wang
                                                      Warehouse Clerk
                                                        Long-Yue Xu
                                                        e-Business Assistant
                                                          Top Dog